Meet Cynthia

Hey! Welcome to my little corner of the world wide web!


 Cynthia Young love people and love working with people. Her role as an Avon Representative and founder of non-profit has helped to fulfill her passion for working with people particularly women and girls. The glow your gift blog was created to inspire and educate. She came up with the name Glow Your Gift because she believes all of us are unique in our own way and we all have gifts to share with the world. To glow your gift is to use your God given abilities to improve the lives of those connected to you. Cynthia is actively involved in ministry in which she serves in several capacities in her church.   

A woman of passion, vision, and purpose, Cynthia is a living testament to the power of God and what it means to stand steadfast on his promises. Her transparency and testimony of how God delivered her has helped to lead others into the kingdom.  She is committed to the advancement of others and always humbled and honored at any opportunity to serve others through the sharing of her gifts.

Cynthia has several years of experience in corrections and holds two degrees in Criminal Justice. She is a 2018 graduate of University of Louisiana at Monroe where she earned a Master’s in Public Administration. In addition to her work in corrections and criminal justice, her interest and advocacy work in the political spectrum has influenced much of the work she is currently doing as the founder of Magnolias In Transition.

Magnolias In Transition is a non-profit for formerly incarcerated women and girls geared towards advancement in education. Cynthia resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her husband and children.